Evolution is here.

Introducing the Gas 220 Ace.
easier to install, easier to control.

Welcome to an evolutionary boiler that puts control in your hands. The new Gas 220 Ace is a pre-assembled, free standing, gas-fired high efficiency boiler range that sets new industry standards for 2017.


By returning to the drawing board, we’ve created an innovative new heat exchanger with exceptionally high output to physical size ratio: at the top end output (300kW), it’s almost half the size of previous models.

The new Gas 220 Ace, based on proven technology, is a new generation floor-standing boiler, with a new aluminium monobloc platform and an even higher output to physical size ratio. The heart of the system is a pioneering control platform (as standard and upgradable) including time, temperature and Building Management Systems features on an enhanced screen for easier input.

Available in 160, 200, 250 and 300kW models, it is designed for central heating and indirect hot water production at working pressures up to five bar. Perfect for large-scale, high end projects, the Gas 220 Ace is a premium boiler that exceeds expectations in both performance capability and design simplicity.

Full features and benefits of the Gas 220 Ace

    High output to physical size ratio
  • Plant room space reduction and easier access through doors and in lifts
  • All connections and pipework at the top of the boiler – the Gas 220 Ace models can be positioned side by side or back to back
  • Can be used in modular configuration enabling large outputs to be installed in difficult to reach areas
  • Compact, lightweight and supplied with integral wheels
  • Can be delivered through a standard door and is easy to manoeuvre in plant room
  • Flushing points and removable front section as standard
  • For ease of cleaning and hassle-free servicing
  • ‘Click and Go’ condensate drain underneath the boiler – not inside
  • Ease of installation and servicing – no boiler disassembly required and descale/cleaned away
  • In-built flue non-return valve – ease of installation
  • Multiple Gas 220 Ace models can be flued together in a common flue header without the risk of flue gases entering the other boilers
  • Multiple flueing capabilities
  • Flexible installation in new and existing buildings
  • LED illuminated casing air box
  • Aids servicing in plant rooms
  • Built on the new aluminium monobloc
  • Single piece stress free casting for efficiency and durability
  • High efficiency ≥97.7% GCV
  • Energy savings reducing gas consumption
  • Low NOx to ErP Ecodesign (iii) 2018 and EN15502 Pt1 2015, Class 6
  • Future proofed for emissions regulations
  • Optional high temperature secondary return kit
  • Optimised operation with variable temperature systems and low carbon technologies
  • Time and temperature controls supplied as standard - ease of use
  • Time and temperatures can be set and controlled by the end user
  • In-built 0-10v and volt free contacts
  • Can connect to any BMS without additional parts needed
  • Tuned noise dampers as standard
  • Lower noise and resonance